Onboarding ‘Employee of the Month’!

Published: 30th September, 2020

Hands-up I used the wrong term! ‘Employee of the Month’ suggests more what the colleague can do for the organisation rather than focusing on how they are in themslves. When we are welcoming colleagues into our organisations using BIG PICTURE® we’re all about putting they themselves front and centre of the whole experience. In this live demonstration we brought some of our favourite Onboarding techniques together to demonstrate. In addition we showed how to include recorded content from your key stakeholders to ensure your new starters are exposed to as many people and as much relevant information as possible in the time available.



Our Onboarding deployment will provide to you the experience of landing within your experience, Induction actvity for that first day then through into the first quarter to ensure everything is joined-up. In this demonstration I welcomed colleagues to ‘Entertainment International’, a fictional company providing online content to the major online platforms NetFix and Amazon. Colleagues had been provided with their own specific role that they could talk at as we introduced each other.

Whilst the role was made-up for the purposes of the simulation the experience of receiving a prompt in advance is very much real. This could be sent by email as a PDF perhaps or better still a physical Delegate Kit including some goodies and a prompt to begin the making and doing.

Here is the recording of the session ..



Please do ask us to help you achieve this same impact in your organisation. We can deliver this activity for you and at the same time upskill your team to take over the delivery. You can weave this into your subsequent Learning and Performance activities which means you’re paying once for resources and deploying them many times across your organisation.

Find out more about our approach for Welcoming Colleagues. You can have a go yourself by printing and writing on the resource within the brochure you can download. The stuff we care about is all over our YouTube channel @YourBigPic. I would love to take you through a taster of BIG PICTURE® in a Webinar you can sign-up for here.

Thanks for reading!