Onboarding Meets Performance

Published: 8th February, 2021

As a follow-up to our recent Webinar Andrea Moffat, YourBigPic Onboarding lead, met-up with Performance Lead Tunch Tole, to connect the dots between the motivations of new hires to what makes that same colleague happy in their work being the best they can be. In this 11 minute chat Andrea and Tunch look at what can often go wrong with a compliance based process where the limited time that is available is spent ticking boxes and raising anxiety levels. The impacts for the organisation of this missed opportunity are large in number, and significant.

As an antidote Tunch describes his experience of BIGPICTURE® to support a two-way dialogue that is balanced between new and existing colleagues. It’s powerful stuff. Grab a brew and tune in to two specialists sharing their views ..


It’s extremely important for the Onboarding process to keep the motivation of the new hire. Using BIG PICTURE® provides a structure to encourage a dialogue with their line managers to understand each other’s expectations, and to be able to see how they can contribute towards each other, and give each one, a great objective, that will serve the company’s overall mission, and it starts from Onboarding process.

Tunch YourBigPic Performance Lead, 2021


Given all of us have experienced some form of Onboarding, it’s staggering that the box ticking exercises are still around. The amount of investment to get the new hire through the door suggests an ROI should be evidenced. Perhaps more importantly a courtesy and human-side where expectations are acknowledged and allowed to be raised rather than dumped within hours of joining!

We’re talking of a two-way dialogue where everyone has a voice and a chance to find their way. The elegance of our approach means this does not require any more time. In fact in terms of the end-to-end with the new hire activated on entry, they generate a whole load of new insights and opportunities for the business. This is a massive time saver not only for Onboarding but for the colleague within the Performance Management framework, as a Learner and a Change Agent willing to take an active part in strategic conversations. We’re not saying everyone will be able to or want to pursue all of these paths but let’s level things up and give our new talent the chance to fulfil their potential.


So let’s stop onboarding new recruits to our organisations in discrete groups; instead, let’s bring together new recruits, established staff members in role, and internally promoted staff to explore their roles through a conversation that has at the forefront the purpose of the organisation and the experience of the customer/client and the staff members.

You can learn more about what this means as a Return on Your Investment (ROI) here.


Please do ask us to help you achieve this same impact in your organisation. We can deliver this activity for you and at the same time upskill your team to take over the delivery. You can weave this into your Strategy-related activities which means you’re paying once for resources and deploying them many times across your organisation.

Find out more about our approach for Welcoming Colleagues. You can have a go yourself by printing and writing on the resource within the brochure you can download. The stuff we care about is all over our YouTube channel @YourBigPic. I would love to take you through a taster of BIG PICTURE® in a Webinar you can sign-up for here.

Thanks for reading!