Welcoming Colleagues into Your Business


You’ve just attracted and hired new recruits when the market is ‘rich with people but poor in specific skills’. You need your new staff members to hit the ground running and to integrate into the business, so they can help you achieve the strategic objectives. This was always challenging enough before and now they are remote working.

We’re all about enabling organisations to maximise their investment in new staff by developing their understanding of their new role within the context of the business.

Harness the energy, enthusiasm and curiosity of the new hire by creating a memorable and engaging ‘meet the organisation’, key leaders, managers and functional supervisors, and other staff members both existing and new.

As a new starter you have leapt the hurdles of finding the vacancy, submitting the application, boning up on the organisation through its website and Glassdoor profile, making it through the selection process, and now you are starting. When you arrive you want your experience to be something you can tell all your friends and family about.

But you’ve been here before ..

The organisation throws a mass of information your way through a variety of e-learning and face to face means and then throws you in the deep end expecting you to make it all make sense.

Another false dawn.

Every voice in an organisation matters and by connecting them all, it leads to the business being even more successful.

BIG PICTURE® will help you to have new hires effectively contributing in a short period, and helps the new staff contribute by understanding their role in the context of the whole organisation. Let me explain ..


“You’ve got your Onboarding, your Learning and your Performance which are all the things I have to look at the connections between. This is a really good tool to be able to use with key stakeholders in the business to show the investment in the development of colleagues.

“We’re not a top down organisation, we want people to be in charge of their own objectives. It’s a really clear way that people talk about what I’ve achieved, this is what I’m going to achieve and giving them back the power to have that conversation in the context of the business needs at the same time. You’ve got this splendid view of the conversation!”

Michelle (Retail Onboarding Lead), 2020


From Day 1 through to 90 and beyond we will create the conditions for success:

New starters on the same shared page.

A growing set of insights into the organisation.

Increased level of personal responsibility for learning how the business functions
through a network of connections across the business.

More focused staff members, able to contribute to the business objectives who are more engaged, creative and happier in their work.

Increases probation success rates, and retention.

Increases ROI on Recruitment and Onboarding.

Exponential increase in staff members ‘getting up to speed’.

A vehicle that can be used at organisational, divisional, department and team levels.

A resource that that can be deployed time after time with predictable success.

A tool for communication and collaboration, supporting cross-functional teamworking.

One single blueprint for the business you all care about.

That’s the kind of experience, the opening chapter of the story, we like new starters to be enjoying. And this bottom-up approach to welcoming new colleagues also enables the organisation to communicate its vision, strategy, and organisational objectives.

We think that without it, your new staff members are missing out.

So this alternative experience for them ties elegantly into their day-to-day learning.

As and when they wish they will tap into their BIG PICTURE® point of perspective.  A new piece of information, a changing business.  What does that mean to me?

We’ll work with you to create an incredibly positive story for welcoming new colleagues.


I’m Mart @YourBigPic working with Onboarding Lead Andrea Moffat and we would love to have a conversation on 0800-612 4357 or Martin.Johnson@YourBigPic.com.

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