Welcoming Colleagues into Your Business


Imagine that feeling when you got that new job and how proud you were. All that hard work and now the anticipation of your first day. When you arrive you want your experience to be something you can tell all your friends and family about. Just savour that a moment. What happened from that point onwards?

Disappointing huh?!

We’re all about carrying energy and enthusiasm through to create the most memorable and productive time it can be.

We need to re-think the approach.

Every voice in an organisation matters and it’s all connected up to a successful business. We can help you achieve both at the same time. Let me explain ..


“I love the structure it allows people to very clearly see how things impact on each other. People can make tangible connections and see the knock-on effects for all other departments and teams .. Brainstorming through structure!”

“.. a really good way of problem solving .. great facilitation gets us involved straight away .. a completely different way of approaching it, which is very refreshing. It’s fun and engaging. Everyone has been thoroughly involved in using our brains and that’s what you want people to do.  Feels natural and at the same time it gets results!”


Day 1 through the first quarter and beyond we will create the conditions for success. That means new starters on the same shared page and a growing set of insights.

You’ll be there to mull this over with your current team to develop a common understanding of the business. One single blueprint for the business you all care about.

That’s the kind of experience, the opening chapter of the story, we like new starters to be enjoying. With this bottom-up approach to welcoming new colleagues it’s alarming that some organisations are not engaging their new starters.

We think they are missing out.

A first step of an experience for new starters that ties elegantly into their day-to-day learning.

As and when they wish they will tap into their BIG PICTURE® point of perspective. A new piece of information, a changing business. What does that mean to me?

We’ll work with you to create an incredibly positive story for welcoming new colleagues.


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