To Give your People a Damn Good Listening to!


Thursday 4th June, 2020 Remote Workshop

Want to connect the development of your People to the success of your Business?

Split into three acts, The Art of People Development Workshop (from YourBigPic) transports attendees into the role of Employee, Manager and Trainer, all working within our example business, Entertainment International. Attendees will explore the issues facing most organisations, and the ways in which Entertainment International and its people can be developed, using Big Picture.

You’ll leave with a list of Challenges and Opportunities to take forward, and all attendees will also receive a free half-day consultation with YourBigPic founder, and creator of Big Picture, Martin Johnson, to discuss how Big Picture Kits, Workshops and Programmes can help your business.

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you all the relevant details, including a link to join the remote workshop, access to our Big Picture Digital Kit (which you’ll need for the session), and everything you need to get the most out of the training.

By working through exercises where you’ll play the role of the Employee, Manager and a Trainer, weaving Big Picture into formal business processes like Inductions, Training and Performance Reviews, you’ll see first-hand how Big Picture can help to engage the individual in, and increase connectivity to the business, developing a rich understand of its workings as they go.

With Big Picture creating an over-head view of the organisation, we can get out of those business area boxes, and say goodbye to our blind spots, for true, measurable, People Development.

Who’s The Audience?

Decision-makers- working for people-first, values-based, organisation willing to give their people a voice.

Trainers- providing their own people-centric content, using the latest in techniques and tools that engage and invigorate change.

Employees- with a desire to have a two-way dialogue in the workplace.

Click here to download the event brochure for ‘The Art of People Development’.