Purpose, Perspective & Proper Prep

Published: 9th December, 2020

The most recent BIG PICTURE® webinar was a Strategy session led by Bryce Biggs and featuring Michael Tingsager as the industry expert. I attended as a participant and assumed a role as Customer Care expert, wearing De Bono’s White Hat to shape my contribution.

The industry in the spotlight was the hospitality sector, an industry deeply affected by Covid-19. A case study helped us to understand the nature of the real challenge facing a small hotel group during the global pandemic. Even just typing that it sounds like the scenario for a disaster movie.

Within moments of us signing into the Digital Board we were moving and adding symbols, deepening our understanding of the problem, hearing ideas from other participants, contributing, collaborating, building on the ideas of others, planting new ideas on the Board, making connections and joining the dots of our combined thinking.

By contributing independently, but simultaneously, an abundance of useful truths emerged quickly, almost effortlessly really, and by the end of just 40 minutes of focused thinking and collaboration, we had a lively Board bursting at the seams with ideas and gems.

This wisdom was then wrangled into a series of Opportunities, prioritised in order of the scale of their potential impact.

I was reminded of three important things during this session:

  • “The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.” (Nancy Kline). And the quality of the thinking that happened first here was exceptional. The preparation by Bryce and Michael that preceded this super speedy and fruitful thinking session was one of the key factors in the success of our interaction;
  • By forcing me to look at the challenge from a perspective I would not normally assume, I was encouraged to give my best attention to the conversation as it evolved, and I could see the situation through fresh eyes. I enjoyed the test of looking at the challenge through a different lens;
  • And finally, and most significantly for me, I was reminded that the reinvention of any industry depends on those that operate within it being crystal clear about the purpose of their individual businesses. That clarity enables them to seek out and attract customers who are fully aligned with that purpose, since it makes absolute sense for them to be served by that business, because, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” (Simon Sinek, Start with Why)

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