All You Need to Get You Going!

So you’ve seen Martin talk about the benefits and you think there’s something in it for you that you want to find out more about. Let’s just say you’re not ready to jump in just yet but you’re in the mood to get a feel for it by having some kit to play with ..

A2 Meeting Pad with 5 Quality Pages

A4 Bitesize Pad with 5 Quality Pages

8×10 Stickers (for each Symbol)

8x60mm Mixed Mag ‘Poker Chip’ Symbols in 2mm PVC

All in delivered in a tidy ‘Pizza’ Box

This Starter Kit can be added into the Meeting Kit and the Carry Cases provided.

Sometimes you just need to see the thing in front of you to start to work through how you can make the most of what you’ve seen and learned.  By giving you a small mix of our Kit you can get a sense within minutes how you and your colleagues will be using it to share useful truths about the business they care about.


Get hands-on in a small collaborative group for a live experience showing how you can use BIG PICTURE® to transform the way you and your people engage.