Take Responsibility for your Performance

Published: 29th June, 2020

More often than not a colleague would say a big yes if they were asked ‘would you Take Responsibility for your Performance?’. Why then is it more often than not a missed opportunity for most organisations? Rather than dumb the process down to a compliance exercise of ticking boxes, deploy the right tool and approach, and make it the highlight of your colleague’s year. Previously we explored the preparation for the meeting and the way the conversation can flow. Here, with the help of Martyn Spendlove of Rebellious Learning and Development, we pushed the boat way out to simulate a couple of set-plays in order we could compare two contrasting mindsets when it comes to performance.

Big thanks to Rachel Burnham @BurnhamLandD for this wonderful summary of the session.

We demonstrated a cold, one-way, compliance-based approach going through the motions. We contrasted with a collaborative, natural yet focused approach to a great conversation. The body language, content, outcome coudn’t be more different and it’s yours with one click or call.


Some meaty topics covered in quick time with a depth of understanding between connections. One theme emerged around the detail that we were able to delve into in lesser time. This is due to the focus that the right framework, Big Picture, provides. Get in touch and let us show you how there is really no time to waste.

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