“Ok Team, Let’s Form this New Strategy!”

Published: 22nd September, 2020

What is the main take-away from this Strategy session? I think it’s around the complex – and sometimes unpredictable – way a successful Strategy is formed. How we engage the team. An example we saw here was that what appeared to be one thing (Tech) was actually much more about another (Team vulnerability and the need for a strategic process to mitigate that risk/challenge). It’s about how we encourage open conversations and different perspectives.

Bryce Biggs is a believer that effective strategy is strategy developed by committed people – which requires an everyone-in-the-room approach. Commitment comes when our people are involved in developing the strategy (we/our/us rather than them/they language reigns). This requires a significant shift from the “Consultant-instigated-framed-words-on-the-wall-in-an-oak-frame-behind-non-reflective-glass” approach way of expressing our values, vision, mission, strategy. We need to move to an open process where ideas are taken seriously regardless of where they come from.

In strategy sessions where we have all worked together over many years, we may require a devil’s advocate. Someone who speaks truth to power and calls out the elephant(s) in the room. In days of old this was the court jester. Living on the edge he needed a fine judgement of how far he could push his luck with the king and keep his head. If you trial this idea, rotate the role so one person doesn’t end up permanently branded as Mr or Ms Negativity.

Please watch the highlights of this webinar below . it’s an absolute cracker, an interesting study in individual styles, and the start of something big!



In this demonstration Strategy session, we were fortunate to have strong personalities with extensive strategy development backgrounds and a clear idea of what solutions they personally saw as the way ahead in tackling the challenge of “OK Team Let’s Form This New Strategy.”

Opportunity Selection, Technology, Golden thread, People …. all appeared on the digital board in rapid order and were motivated for as THE way forward. In a real-life Strategy development session, we would have persisted until we found a clear way forward working with committed colleagues. Here, the demonstration nature of the process, the diverse viewpoints, and time, left us in an unfinished state. This has its plusses – it has left an open space where each participant could go away and reflect on how they would find a synthesis.


Move the slider left to right to see where we started and where we got to.


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