The Art of People Development Workshop

Published: 20th January, 2020
The Art Of People Development

Do you want to connect the development of your People to the success of your Business?

Split into three acts, The Art of People Development Workshop (from YourBigPic) helps connect your people development to the success of the business. Transporting attendees into the role of Employee, Manager and Trainer, all working within our example business, Entertainment International, attendees will explore the issues facing most organisations, and the ways in which Entertainment International and its people can be developed, using Big Picture.

You’ll gain first-hand experience of the Big Picture tool, helping to weave it into Inductions, Training and Performance Reviews, putting the employee at the centre, providing a two-way dialogue about their work, and not only generating engagement in their roles and connectivity to the business, but enabling them to develop their understanding of the business, define their roles for themselves, identify the ways to be most effective in their work, see past business area boxes, and say goodbye to blind spots.

You’ll leave with a list of Challenges and Opportunities to take forward!

All attendees will also receive a free half-day consultation with YourBigPic founder, and creator of Big Picture, Martin Johnson, to discuss how BigPicture workshops, programmes and kits can help your business.

Art is:

  • The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works of emotional power ~ Engagement; and
  • A skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice ~ Learning.

Our Art of People Development workshop will place you at the centre of the Big Picture process. Transporting you into an example business, we’ll explore visual representations of business challenges, and utilise our Big Picture tool to overcome these issues, identifying the key elements of the business and the part they play in a successful operation.

By working through exercises where you’ll play the role of the Employee, Manager and a Trainer, weaving Big Picture into formal business processes like Inductions, Training and Performance Reviews, you’ll see first-hand, how Big Picture can help to engage the individual in, and increase connectivity to the business, developing a rich understand of its workings as they go. With Big Picture creating an over-head view of the organisation, we can get out of those business area boxes, and say goodbye to our blind spots, for true, measurable, people development.

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You are passionate about developing your people and so will identify with:

  • Laura – A decision maker, working for a people-first, values-based, organisation willing to give their people a voice.
  • Terri – A trainer, providing her own people-centric content, using the latest in techniques and tools that engage and invigorate change.
  • The Employee – With a desire to have a two-way dialogue in the workplace.

Big Picture:

To fully engage your people, with limited resources, you’ve got to be smart and think outside of the box. Fundamentally, you can’t be with your employees every minute of their working day, nor should you need to, so flip the thinking. Give employees the ability to build their own understanding of the business, define their roles, identify the ways to be most effective in their work, and as a result, they’re engaged in the business via a two-way dialogue and an opportunity to bring their experience and voice to proceedings.

The versatility of Big Picture means this end-to-end employee experience can be woven into more formal business practises, such as induction, training and performance reviews etc, whilst facilitating the development of the business and its people. From application to exit.

This is a super-charged 70-20-10 model where the experience is directly translated into self-development! Make your employees the subject, rather than the object.


We know how tough it is to wring out every drop of value from the resources you do have. Fortunately, we have taken our 25 years of experience working with businesses big and small, private and public, and distilled all the best bits into the patterns and behaviours that can be consumed and applied by you, here and now.

What to expect:

Coming together with other People Development professionals in a collaborative environment, you’ll apply your knowledge to the adaptive Big Picture framework to serve your circumstances and needs.

Exercises will, at times, encourage attendees to work from the perspective of the employee, an trainer, and a decision maker within the organisation in which they work.

Big Picture will provide a unique way to frame a business challenge and will help light the path forward throughout this experiential workshop.

Identifying the challenges, and illuminating the opportunities within an example business, helping to discover your own blind spots and uncover ways in which you can be more effective in the business, you’ll see how Big Picture brings the organisation, and it’s key elements to life, aligning those within the business with unified focus and engagement in their roles.

The Art of People Development workshop will be split into acts and scenes, much like in a play, where each new scene develops the tale, revealing progression in the story.

Act 1 – Induction:

It’s induction time. How will we make this the most compelling induction ever experienced The business is Entertainment International. They make widgets in Winnipeg. Every September, they take on a handful of graduates, fresh from university.

You are one such graduate.

A Big Picture practitioner will welcome you, as one of several new starters at Entertainment International, by introducing you to the company.

This exercise will shine a light on a new approach to inductions, giving you the knowledge and understanding to deploy the same approach in the organisation in which you work.

Act 1 Scene 1: Mastering the 1st Golden Hour

As a new starter on your first day, you’ll be provided with some Big Picture Kit to begin expressing your thoughts about the role you’ve recently taken. Quickly familiarised with the Big Picture symbols, and the lay-out of the Big Picture board, you’ll begin to join your own dots, bringing your knowledge, background and culture to proceedings, opening a two-way dialogue with the business and your colleagues at Entertainment International from day one.

Act 1 Scene 2: Treasure Hunt

You’ll be tired of listening to us after a while and so for a change of scene you will be up on your feet seeking new introductions from other participants (other colleagues within Entertainment International).

Prompted by us, you’ll be requesting key information that helps you understand the business and your part to play in it. Who are the people? Which departments do they belong to? Which business areas are aligned with your role? How can you be most effective? This will then all be recorded on your developing Big Picture, which will begin to give you not only an overhead view of the business, but of your place within it.

We will use the Big Picture board at the front of the room to bring together some common themes and discussion points.

Act 1 Scene 3: End of Quarter One

Buddying up with a fellow participant (your colleague at Entertainment International), using your own Big Picture as a prompt, you’ll share thoughts around your performance over the first quarter spent in your new role.

As employees of Entertainment International, you’ll be part of a healthy, open and productive conversation about your performance so far. With the foundations laid for your new career, using the business challenges and opportunities illuminated by Big Picture, to set future targets.

Your take-away from Act 1, is the experience of how your new starters would feel as part of the process and in addition the work you may need to do to introduce Big Picture into your business.

Get Work Hack

Act 2 – Training:

How does your client, Entertainment International, know that your training is really working? Is it best to give a client what they want, or ensure they get what they need?

You’re an independent trainer struggling to answer this question.

Just take a firm resolve to follow one key business driver – pleasing the client. How will this one turn out?

Act 2 Scene 1: Training Needs Analysis

Using a sample set of Big Picture business challenges and opportunities, provided by us from over 1600 BP sessions, the goal of this exercise is to determine what you consider to be the optimum blend of formal training, mentoring and on-the-job training using the Big Picture board.

There will be an opportunity for you to apply your own in-house strategies and to share these with others in the Workshop, should you feel comfortable to.

Here you’ll see how Big Picture can be used to re-frame your training needs analysis.

Act 2 Scene 2: Switching-on the Training Room

Guided by us, you’ll help others apply their new learning (documented on their developing Big Picture) to their new roles at Entertainment International. Using a relevant example of training content, such as IT or management skills etc, you’ll set the scene in the room, helping others to take the reins, and join their own dots in their roles, informed by your own knowledge and Big Picture.

Act 2 Scene 3: Training to Business Outcomes

Once the new employees of Entertainment International have received their training, it’s time to reflect on what “good” looks like, in their roles, and across the wider business.

With some guidance from us, you’ll encourage others in the workshop to update their own Big Picture in light of their new training. This will be an open discussion amongst the group, to reflect the various experiences of participants, with reference to the 70-20-10 rule.

Your take-away is the practical knowledge of how this kind of people development will work back in your organisation.

Show me the Money

Act 3 – Performance:

With the new employees of Entertainment International, engaged, trained in their new roles, and connected to the business with a deep understanding of its workings, it’s time to reflect on their first year at the business.

To fairly recognise and reward, it’s time to unpick the progress that has been made to counter challenges and to deliver against opportunities. As with most things “Big Picture”, even our Performance Review process offers the employee the two-way dialogue that will not only accelerate their engagement, understanding and development from this point, but give them the voice they need. Enabling this kind of environment for all employees drives the entire workforce.

You’ll play a range of roles in this act!

Act 3 Scene 1: Preparing for Review

You are an Employee in this scene.

Using your Big Picture board, you’ll be invited to share the business challenges and opportunities that you face in your role at Entertainment International, and how they could be used in the end of year review.

By sharing real-world experiences, the group will discuss the most effective way to prepare the employee for their review.

Act 3 Scene 2: The Review Meeting

You’ll play both an Employee and their (Line) Manager in this scene.

Pairing-up, you’ll decide who plays the role of Employee, and who the role of People & Development Manager, and practice the conversation that might take place in a performance review at Entertainment International.

Explore how Technology, Measures, Money and Process have impacted the employee. Zone in on Team and Customer and how business Challenges could be overcome, and Opportunities delivered.

Then we’ll turn the roles around.

Act 3 Scene 3: Setting Targets

You’ll play both an Employee and their (Line) Manager in this scene.

In your pair, focus attention on how Big Picture can set the agenda for the year ahead at Entertainment International. With your new knowledge of Big Picture, begin to weave in your own approach to 1-on-1’s to begin developing your own style of delivery, guided by us and Big Picture.

Then we’ll switch the roles.

We’ll bring the workshop to a close with a masterclass, where the group will share views, and using the Big Picture board at the front of the room, attendees can come and showcase their new lightbulb moments!

To take-away:

Your take-away for putting the employee at the centre of the above acts, forming their experience of work, is landing in their shoes, with a knowledge and understanding of how to bring this experience into your own business.

As a physical take-away, attendees will gain access to Big Picture video content and a sample kit to practice in their own time. Don’t forget, we’ll get in touch with you after the session, to arrange your free half-day consultation with Big Picture founder, Martin Johnson.

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