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An interactive discussion and demonstration on:

12 May 2022


Hosted by Hywel Griffiths


A trade-off between human and scale- or can you have both? An interactive discussion and demonstration. Some organisations are bringing in large numbers of new colleagues whilst wanting to keep things personal. Others are bringing in individuals who naturally want to be seen as the wonderful humans that they are. Everything is a trade-off and as such has pros and cons. In this interactive discussion we explored that with Hywel Griffiths, Chief and Finance Partner @YourBigPic.

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Split into two parts we started with a wholesome conversation around, what we referred to as On/Reboarding colleagues in the 'RIGHT WAY'. Onboarding for new colleagues and Reboarding for current colleagues with you now. Some shared insights in the room regarding this 'RIGHT WAY':

  • Bring the team back in the SAME room on the SAME page;
  • Allow the DIFFERENT NEEDS to be better understood;
  • Be more INCLUSIVE to help to be SOCIABLE ~MENTAL HEALTH awareness;
  • RELEARN old habits;
  • Encourage more HUMAN apprand STORIES making CONNECTIONS;
  • Take an INDIVIDUAL approach; and
  • Consider the FLEXIBILITY of different ways of working.

We then demo'd how one way in this direction with BIG PICTURE. Here is a short summary video from Hywel and Mart on what we covered and how we found it:

As with all our conversations they create a place fo all colleagues to share their best ideas. You can grasp a sense for how personal this is from the views expressed from Jason and Nedko in the recap below.

The second part of the session was a dempo showing how we score against the list above. As a simulation we provided cards in advance welcoming participants to a fictional organisation Entertainment International. In the latter part of the recap you'll hear and see a dialogue between Matt in Customer Care and Michael in Marketing. This is typical of the interactions we thing are best coming out in the room as early as possible rather than letting them fester and causing poor performance on different levels of the I, the we (team) and the 'us' (the organisation).

Here is the Board we created from the short discussion we had:

We ended with Hywel reminding us about the the case for On/Reboarding with 4 key ROI points working with YourBigPic for your On and Reboarding activities. Ask us to be specific and apply them to your own setup.