Pull up a chair and get involved!


Our weekly events are a great way to come together with a diverse group of like-minded professionals for an open and collaborative conversation. Using engagement as the central theme we cycle around the different areas where we can provide you with the most benefit using BIG PICTURE®. Every week brings a new angle!



Friday 25th September @ 4pm (GMT+1)

Onboarding your next ‘Employee of the Month’!

Join us to find out about an experience you can provide your new starter, in difficult times, to create the conditions for their success!


Friday 18th September @ 4pm (GMT+1)

“Ok Team, Let’s Form this New Strategy!”

Following the “Engage the Team more Strategically” we will, with your help, provide an insight into specific Strategy formation using BIG PICTURE®.

Hosted by Bryce Biggs, Strategy Lead @YourBigPic.


Every Friday @ 9am (GMT+1)

This will enable you to fully interact using our powerful Digital Kit.


Friday 2nd October @ 2pm (GMT+1)

#Re-Engage your Team – *LIVE* Speedtest your Collaboration Velocity (Cv)

We’re presenting this as part of the Leeds Digital Festival. How well are you moving from communication to collaboration. We’ll give you the tools and the time you bring your team!

Hosted with Craig Jones-Stanley of Expertly Agile and Change Lead @YourBigPic.

Friday 9th October @ 4pm (GMT+1)

Learning is a Verb!

We will explore a technique to increase audience participation so each and every colleague is reaching for ‘unmute’ (whether they’re in the room or online!)

Hosted with our wonderful Learning Lead @YourBigPic.

You can re-cap on past Webinars on our Blog.

You can watch recordings on our YouTube channel.