Wicked Challenges

We Don't Just Solve Problems We Resolve Challenges. Wicked Ones.


You may be familiar with the sense of frustration at trying to solve a problem that feels simply too big, complicated and with so many moving parts. It's hard to keep track. In the back of your mind it feels more than a problem, it feels more like an impossibility?
You are not alone and YourBigPic can help. We have a path you can take which is another option that fully understands the scale of the challenge at hand. First step! Understand what a Wicked Challenge is ..



That thing on your pad

   Does it ..

.. impact the whole organisation?
.. have multiple perspectives?

   Is it ..

.. hard to define?
.. hard to solve?

if so it's a

Wicked Challenge!

what to do about it?
Target Wicked Outcomes

Outcomes that benefit you, your organisation and the stakeholders invested in your success is what we all aim for. How do we achieve those for Wicked Challenges is the question?

Wicked Outcomes are the goal and the path to take is our 'Six ITs' approach. Resetting perspectives, how we measure success and execute to achieve that requires an approach that  adapts to your Wicked Challenge in a way that delivers a 'resolution' instead of a 'solution'.

Introducing our unique 'Six ITs' approach:

Resource it

Securing the different kinds of Resources required that are essential for resolving Wicked Challenges™. Not solely People but the Knowledge, Skills, Budget, and Time.


Bringing  colleagues together in the same room on the same page. Insights shared, dots joined, turn challenges into opportunities and outcomes!


Describing the situation so that all stakeholders engage and develop shared meanings. As a result, embrace a shared commitment on what success will mean.


Encouraging innovative thinking to help make difficult choices and trade-offs and not be put off by the messy, combative, iterative ways decisions are often made.

Measure It

Scoring a realistic standard of success rather than a goal that is perhaps unrealistic. Towards improving Wicked Outcomes™ made-up of Solutions and Benefits.


Committing to multiple iterations is essential to maintain flexibility and build confidence in the journey. Regular checkpoints provide accountability for the whole team.


Resolving a Wicked Challenge can be more than a little uncomfortable- it feels risky and stressful. Many may even try to avoid getting involved. That leaves the door open to missed opportunities, increasing failures and potentially business catastrophe.

YourBigPic are equipped specifically for resolving Wicked Challenges all governed and guided by our own Six ITs approach. We are a holistic, 360 degree resolutions provider that operates at every level of an organisation. From individual engagement and collaboration with our own BIG PICTURE, to specific specialisms in the areas of Strategy, Change, Finance, Learning, Performance, Teamwork, and right up to the global decision makers navigating the hard choices needed to continuously deliver value to their customers while staying relevant in highly competitive markets.


We don't ask you to reinvent the wheel. Our tools, people, partners and approaches work with you and what you are already doing. We simply provide a way to bring your resources together to better resolve Wicked Challenges. We ensure you have the right tools and experience to hand when you need it and a real validated approach to making sure you stay aligned with Your Big Picture.

“YourBigPic helped reduce attrition and increase employee engagement. The bleed of ‘I don’t understand’ how it works reduced and Training feedback was very positive around the use of the BIG PICTURE.”


Besides the Six ITs, that allow us to navigate the broader Wicked Challenge landscape, we understand the real value that drives a business which is it's people. More specifically, the challenge of bringing the knowledge, skill and insights your people hold into the process of resolving Wicked Challenges.

The key is engagement and collaboration at every level. we use BIG PICTURE to get people into the same room and on the same page, speaking the same language. It never stops amazing us how much knowledge and passion already exists in the organisation. More often than not, the only road block is a shared language and a safe place to use it.


The real value of YourBigPic as a Solutions Provider

We address levels of problems and problem solving. We better business in A holistic way while still playing nice with what you have and don't have. By taking a 360° view of your business we will help you see your challenge for what it is, improve your understanding of it, then help you resolve it and have better outcomes as a result.

The real value is engagement and collaboration from the ground up with our own proprietary BIG PICTURE. Coupled with our Six ITs approach to Wicked Challenges, our Specialist Partners have all the tools they need to guide and support you as you navigate your own wicked challenges.

Given the common "language" we share with you, our Partners are able to break open traditional agendas and collaboratively align their specialist knowledge in the pursuit of Wicked Outcomes.