uncover opportunities by engaging

for lasting & measured business change

Big Picture will help you and your team better understand how the business works, identify where the challenges are and agree the top opportunities to make things better!

We put huddling and engagement at the centre of everything we do.

Check out the 3 key steps of our approach – Go Engage, Grasp & Collaborate.

To find the application most useful to you scan the @work page. Enjoy!

1-day Training as part of an Open Group

A full day dedicated to giving you all the skills and confidence you’ll need to get most out of our tools. Once completed you’ll be a ready to fly as a Big Picture practitioner.



Let’s get started! Purpose and People at the heart of the business

“ok .. I CAN work with that”



The details. Making connections, resolving differences

“ah right .. I GET IT now”



Opportunities into action! Edit and review – together!

“we’re RIGHT behind THIS”

“for the first time we came together as a team – now we’re all on the same page!”

Proud to be supporting these guys ..