Engaging Change Putting People First


Imagine how good it would feel to acknowledge your people as the driving force behind your success. Amazing eh? The reality is often discontent, disengagement and disillusionment with the latest project. No-one asked us .. they’ve gone and done it.

We get that it’s hard. For every new stakeholder there’s a series of meetings. Every new relationship means a new communication to send. Your inbox is flooded and we know what that means. We also know a one-way, top-down, outside-in approach is doomed to fail.

We’re all about two-way, bottom-up, inside-out making-and-doing in quick time. It’s our speciality. Every voice in an organisation matters and it’s all connected up.

We deliver on both. Let me explain how this works ..


“I love the structure it allows people to very clearly see how things impact on each other. People can make tangible connections and see the knock-on effects for all other departments and teams .. Brainstorming through structure!”

“.. a really good way of problem solving .. great facilitation gets us involved straight away .. a completely different way of approaching it, which is very refreshing. It’s fun and engaging. Everyone has been thoroughly involved in using our brains and that’s what you want people to do. Gets results!”


Putting your colleagues at the centre means each individual will develop their own perspective. We’ll involve your whole team to develop a common understanding of the organisation. One single view that you all have a stake in. That means colleagues on the same shared page and a growing set of insights to boot.

Challenges and Opportunities out in the open.

Starting with the current focus of the business. The here and now.

No longer standing apart from the project you have a backdrop for all stakeholders at any level to connect with.

Nothing ever stays the same and so you’ll have whichever size and format to reflect state of play this very minute. You can then update.

Focusing on future plans you will have a view of where the business needs to be. Working between your current focus and future plans your change plans are rooted in your teams, in the context of all around and ready for action.

Time to value the team around you.


I’m Mart @YourBigPic working with Change Lead Richard Copley and we would love to have a conversation on 0800-612 4357 or

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