Engaging Strategy Putting People First


Imagine how good it would feel if your colleagues were completely on-board with your carefully crafted strategy direction? Committed. Creative. Cooperating. Collaborating.

The BIG PICTURE® process enables you to ensure that this is the case. We facilitate an ‘everybody in the room’ process that ensures commitment through involvement.

No more resistance.

No more deliberate or unwitting sabotage. No more NIH (not-invented-here).

Talk to us about your preferred approach to developing or reviewing your strategy – we can tailor it to meet your needs. Here’s Bryce and I to explain how it works ..


“I love the structure it allows people to very clearly see how things impact on each other. People can make tangible connections and see the knock-on effects for all other departments and teams .. Brainstorming through structure!”

“.. a really good way of problem solving .. great facilitation gets us involved straight away .. a completely different way of approaching it, which is very refreshing. It’s fun and engaging. Everyone has been thoroughly involved in using our brains and that’s what you want people to do. Gets results!”


Putting your colleagues front and centre in the strategy process means each colleague will develop and grow their own perspective. We’ll share this across your team to develop a common understanding of the business.

One single blueprint for the business you all care about.

We start with a clear focus on the “as-is” business. The here and now. Then, we identify the imperatives going forward. Strategy is no longer remote or standing apart – you will have a shared, grounded, truth for stakeholders at all levels to connect to. Nothing ever stays the same.

Using BIG PICTURE® you’ll have an up to date, shared, visual, strategy. The process allows for easy and rapid updating.

An immediate outcome of the shared process will be clearly identified low-hanging fruit. Actions we can undertake immediately and with early successes. As the team tackle these, the early victories they achieve will confirm and embed the strategy going forward.


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