Cash Flowing to Financial Success


Imagine how good it would be to know that each and every employee would view YOUR business as if it THEIR business when it comes to Finance.

Imagine if the cash flow would be regarded by them in the same way they regarded their own home finances; so that business financial wastage becomes an issue of the past. What kind of relief would that be?!

We’ll work with you to encourage ownership of the Processes through Finance Directors and Management engaging with colleagues. With a shared responsbility for managing and protecting your cash ease the financial burden on your organisation.

The result is Financial Freedom and a better PROFIT and LOSS as a basis for forward planning for what is here now and is to come. Here’s Hywel to explain how it works ..


“I love the structure it allows people to very clearly see how things impact on each other. People can make tangible connections and see the knock-on effects for all other departments and teams .. Brainstorming through structure!”

“.. a really good way of problem solving .. great facilitation gets us involved straight away .. a completely different way of approaching it, which is very refreshing. It’s fun and engaging. Everyone has been thoroughly involved in using our brains and that’s what you want people to do. Gets results!”


Colleagues will actively develop an understanding that the more financially successful you are as an organisation, the more chance they have of staying in work and helping the business to grow. There will be challenges with this approach; but these are also opportunities, as successful businesses take the risk and reward approach for staff.

We will help change the Financial culture, for new and current colleagues, to understand the benefits gained of everyone working together to educate and so bring into focus that profit figures are far better than the loss figures.

Working closely with our Change specialists we will have a comprehensive knowledge of the areas of the organisation. This is a achieved naturally through structured conversations.

 We’ll focus particularly attention of those areas that are currently seen to be weaker in keeping track of materials purchased by the business for staff use. Together we will complete the full circle acknowledging the past; changing the current and improving the future. It is time to value the value of the business!


I’m Mart @YourBigPic working with Finance Lead Hywel Griffiths and we would love to have a conversation on 0800-612 4357 or

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