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Specialists in their own right - Powered by BIG PICTURE and so many others!
I'm Mart, the driving force behind YourBigPic, and the innovator behind BIG PICTURE, our revolutionary collaboration tool. My journey began in the early 2000s, working closely with prominent consultancies. While initially invigorating, I soon felt frustrated by the untapped potential for meaningful change.

Seeing my colleagues isolated and recognising missed opportunities weighed on me personally. The conventional approach, expecting individuals already laden with responsibilities to blindly execute directives, felt ineffective and disheartening.

One pivotal moment came when a Director asked me to 'do that thing' and work my magic with the team. Through ingenious doodles and the 'yes and...' dialogue, I unlocked a treasure trove of insights, condensing the entire organisational machinery onto a single page.

This revelation empowered me to engage the senior team, presenting a comprehensive overview that elicited affirmation, contribution, and alignment. The result was a magical  armed with the insights necessary to drive desired outcomes. That 'thing' became a game-changer.

Recognising its universal value, I transformed this concept into BIG PICTURE, now available in various formats, both physical and digital. This groundbreaking collaboration tool has since tackled some of the most formidable challenges.

In founding YourBigPic, I aimed to share this transformative power. Together, we unravel the vision of a better future, identifying 'Wicked Challenges' and crafting solutions that translate into tangible benefits. @YourBigPic, we operate as strategic Partners, seamlessly integrating Strategy, Change, Finance, Learning, Performance, and Teamwork to drive your success.

Bryce Biggs Strategy PARTNER
Based in South Africa Bryce is in the 55th year of an extended working career. He has held specialist or general management positions in a range of private sector, educational, and not-for-profit organisations. Immediately post-Apartheid, he served as a local government councillor. He has facilitated or developed learning materials for six universities or technical universities. Three of these are international.

In the past fifteen years, he has trained thousands of public service employees in provincial and national government departments on behalf of government agencies, often using learning materials he has written.

Bryce holds a master’s degree from Cranfield School of Management. His interests include innovation, history, people development, and strategy.

A prime focus for him is launching an Employability Enhancement Programme through a start-up where he is a co-founder. Beneficiaries of this programme will be unemployed or under-employed graduates in South and East Africa and beyond.

Over 20 years I've developed my ability to support the growth and leadership of organisational cultures. I focus on helping to realise productive and thriving systems of creative people delivering valuable services.

My early work delivered cultural experiences to engage audiences, alongside roles with civil engineers designing infrastructure. Such a strong contrast opened my eyes to the way any organisation must balance basic tensions to lead people and manage things through a creative human process with diverse technical needs.

I've found this awareness invaluable for harnessing the complex cultural drivers beneath day-to-day activities when leading development in purpose driven SMEs.

Whether combining artists, clinicians, consultants or technicians with communities of clients, stakeholders and supportive organisational functions, success has always been underpinned by the shared values and goals that help direct their diverse performances.

The last 17 years in organisations was a side-step from youthful performances in the Albert Hall, or on festival stages with members of The Fall; managing projects of a hundred performers led by the Inspiral Carpets, 808-State or members from the BBC Philharmonic. But my experiences of culture industry performance and trained cultural leadership are key to appreciating the subtlety of processes that lie beneath the surface in any organisation - processes that engage but also drive delivery of vital services.

My formal education has covered creative technology and a masters in arts and culture management. Additional certifications for managing in the built environment, market research and mental health have increased my ability to fully appreciate the leadership challenge of influencing diverse systems of people, tools and activity.

It's fascinating and rewarding to help well led organisational cultures develop and evolve to provide enriching experiences for teams and high quality services for clients,
Simply put, Andrew helps individuals and businesses improve the way they live and work.

With over 30 years of experience in the financial and professional services, Andrew has a depth of experience in leading and growing operations, teams and people; worked in multiple environments; front line customer care, complex back office administration, Risk, IT, HR, L&D and Finance to name a few; trained to PRINCE2 and OGC MSP standards, core skills include programme and project management, business operations and change, people strategy, talent and performance management and L&D; worked as a client-side consultant leading and recovering strategic projects, including mergers, technology implementations, product launches and large scale data migrations.

Andrew has operated at Director level in a Big Four professional services firm and understands the challenges and opportunities faced by C-Suites in implementing large scale change.

Andrew is passionate about using his wisdom to help individuals create healthier lifestyles and the next generation of leaders create sustainable people strategies fit for the 21 st century.

His LifeWork® philosophy injects fresh thinking and a humanistic perspective sadly lacking in many people’s lives and organisational planning.

Andrew’s aim is to stimulate positive and sustainable change by PUTTING LIFE FIRST.
Making great thinking inevitable Bev has oodles of practical hands-on management experience from her career with some of the best known brands in the UK, and her breakthrough into people management came at Disney Store.

Bev has said that she has worked for, and learned from, some truly inspiring people during her career, run departments and whole business units, led virtual teams of various sizes in locations all around the UK, gracefully handled complex customer situations and used her wisdom to sort out tricky people issues.

With hundreds of hours of training design, facilitation and coaching behind me, Bev has honed her skills with further study and supervision and continues to find ways to improve on what she does every day.

A qualified Thinking Environment® Facilitator and a Certified Clarity Practitioner. Accredited to use the TMSDI suite of psychometric instruments, the Engage profile and just for fun also trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader! Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha! In 2015 Bev became a Mental Health First Aider through MHFA England.

As half of The Clear Thinking Partnership Bev expertly applies her knowledge and experience of learning and talent development to help clients just like you get more from your people. She has worked on projects locally and globally, from recruitment to exit and everything in between,
Hywel Griffiths CHIEF/Finance Partner
Hywel helps businesses and people grow and reach their vision and full potential.

With over 40 years of experience working as a consultant and coach in industries such as oil & gas; education; communication; medical; training; IT integration and business development; Hywel has led projects in functions such as quality assurance; research and development; HR and Personnel; Support Services; Education and Training.

Hywel is a Member of the Institute of Training and Development and the Institute of Directors.

Hywel has worked on small and large projects, some valued up to millions of dollars and presented to many multi-national CEOs; becoming an experienced and trusted corporate and personal advisor, coach, mentor and pubic keynote speaker.

Over the years, Hywel has become regarded as an expert on the foundational analysis stage of business which has helped companies grow and develop; and on project management and business planning.

Essential to this success has been Hywel’s drive to help businesses and individuals find Financial Freedom and have a life/work balance.

Hywel’s vision is to empower as many people as possible with the skills and knowledge to develop and grow as INDIVIDUALS and to grow the BUSINESS OF THEIR DREAMS,

Every day I am energised, by the prospect of helping someone discover their best self and find ways to make that visible and experiential for both personal and professional success.

For over 20 years, I have been a creator, facilitator, speaker and coach on all aspects of personal & professional development. Providing solutions within a variety of different L&D needs, from Career Development, Mindset, Team Development, Strengths, Appreciative Leadership, Building Bounce-forward, Personal Branding, Strategic Thinking, Women in Leadership and many other subjects.

I have a personal passion for supporting women to build their confidence, brilliance and resilience, having myself been challenged by these over the duration of my career. Pay-it-forward is my mantra.

I am so grateful that my training days are regularly rated ‘excellent’ by delegates. I love people and love making a difference, so the win is big for them and myself. I have worked with a large number of clients in both private and public sectors and never tire of seeing the transformations and insights that can be achieved in a short space of time. All you need are the right thought-provoking questions, some input from me and the time and space to make personal meaning and an action plan.

I am an ex-Marketing Director; I bring my credibility, and expertise to quickly engage people by allowing insightful and practical sessions to come to life. I use my strengths in energy, creativity and people connection, as well as my expert knowledge input. I relish working with talented individuals who are keen to discover themselves at their best and use that knowledge to build their career, life satisfaction and joy!

Others describe me as being fun, insightful, inspirational, engaging, high-energy, creative, intuitive, and empathic. I thrive on being a catalyst to people experiencing lightbulb moments, motivating them to drive their own change.

When I am not at work, I enjoy cuddles and walks with my two dogs, Lulu & Molly. My children are now adults, paying their own mortgages and living their best lives. My cup brimmeth over with pride for them. Periodically I even get to see my husband of 36 years - he is a keen sports fan, and although too old to still be motor racing and playing football, he still enjoys being at both.
Pam has been working in people development since 1993, coaching and mentoring clients ranging from student stage managers to senior leaders. She is dedicated to unlocking people's innate potential to increase performance while maintaining wellbeing and supporting them to realise and exceed personal and professional goals.

Flexible, creative and resourceful, Pam utilises a supportive challenge approach to enable individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and perceptions to be the best they can be. She brings empathy and compassion counterbalanced with a strong purpose to facilitate clients to move forward with new skills and face setbacks more positively.

A professional coach and behavioural change specialist since 2005, Pam has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (Distinction) and is a member of the CIPD with a level 3 certification in Training Practice (Merit). In addition, she is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and holds diplomas in Stage Management and Technical Theatre and Holistic Aromatherapy. Furthermore, she is accredited to use Strengthscope psychometric tool and is currently undertaking her Strengths Profile accreditation.

Pam has worked in charity, construction, infrastructure services, higher and vocational education, housing association, not-for-profit, pharmaceutical, theatre and utilities sectors.
"We work in a true partnership to resolve challenges and share ideas. Within this organic, ebb and flow collaboration, some of us may be more involved than others, depending on expertise. However, we are all part of the collective, and on other projects, other Partners will take the fore."