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A view from the balcony with YourBigPic Founder Mart was out and about reflecting on a Change Management Institute (ChgMI) Event for Innovation and Change. We're all about shared learnings!

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Hey everyone, I'm back in the office after attending a truly engaging event hosted by the Change Management Institute. The evening was packed with intriguing discussions, profound insights, and invaluable learning moments. Here's a glimpse into the highlights of the event:

Gathering Wisdom in a Vibrant Setting

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome at the venue, a delightful office space that exuded an aura of collaboration and shared learning. With over 40 enthusiastic attendees from 16 different companies, the room buzzed with the collective wisdom and experiences of all present.

Setting the Stage for Discovery

Our co-hosts, including Paul Kelly Joscelyn Henry-Shaw from the Change Management Institute, and Tom Holmes and Fehmina Nawaz from Flutter, expertly guided us into the right frame of mind with insightful scene-setting. As we settled into our seats with refreshments in hand, anticipation grew for the main event.

Candid Insights from Flutter's Business Architect

Tom Holmes, the business architect at Flutter, took the stage and captivated us with his candid presentation. His openness in discussing Flutter's challenges, aspirations, successes, and failures was truly refreshing. Particularly notable was Tom's proactive approach, inviting us as change management professionals to actively contribute to addressing Flutter's challenges.

The evening progressed with breakout sessions, where attendees divided into groups to tackle specific challenges. It was fascinating to observe how some groups faced similar obstacles, sparking meaningful comparisons and insights.

A Culture of Sharing and Learning

After intense brainstorming sessions, we reconvened as a group to share our findings and engage in lively discussions. The spirit of collaboration was palpable as we exchanged ideas, asked questions, and gleaned wisdom from each other.

As the event drew to a close, we continued our discussions over food and drinks, fostering connections and reflecting on the enriching experience. The camaraderie extended beyond the event as attendees gathered at a local bar, further deepening the bonds forged during the evening.

Conclusion: A Night to Remember

In closing, the Change Management Institute event was a resounding success, leaving us inspired and eager to apply our newfound insights. I look forward to sharing more reflections and insights gleaned from this exceptional evening. Until next time!