We all like shiny new things that will bring some novelty and interest to the business .. but have we fully thought through what we need the new technology to do? To avoid being dazzled by an expensive solution let’s take a step back and work out what we really need.


Technology is really just an enabler to the business fulfilling its purpose and meeting what we’ve agreed is a measure of success. You can really only do that by reflecting on the basics of the business in a way that engages the teams and defines where we’re at. We use the Big Picture canvas and symbols to support an effective conversation and uncover opportunities- some of which may be related some new technology.


We love helping people develop their thinking by making connections across the business. Technology does not standalone rather it’s related to all the other Big Picture symbols- most frequently the team and the processes. However we encourage practitioners to explore what technology can do in terms of the customer, measures and money both in terms of investment and a return. Sit back listen to the conversation flow between these key components in the business.


When we achieve a level of engagement within the teams we like to support ongoing conversations by remaining consistent in how we see the business. That means reflecting back to what we have defined as success once the technology solution is developed and deployed. Use Big Picture to make sense of the complex and changing business now we’re moving into the new world.


If there’s something or somebody in this story that reminds you of your workplace here’s a simple guide to how you would go about putting it in place .. with as much help from Big Picture as you need!