Learning Needs Dialogue

Published: 28th June, 2021
Be a part of our conversation where Learning Lead Bev Holden shares a recent experience using BIG PICTURE® to discover the learning need rather than guessing or attempting to impose learning on an audience. Following on from our last Learning session around curiosity this is about discovery (of Learning Needs Analysis). If you’re wanting to [...]

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Curiousity to Business Performance

Published: 8th March, 2021
Such a simple word 'Curiosity' and not often credited with how big a role it plays in our Learning. In this session we shared what it means to each of us in our past and how we might encourage more of it in the future. We related it to our Comfort Zones and the edge [...]

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Engaging through Gaming

Published: 8th February, 2021
Missing serendipity? The events that happen in a business you can’t predict, particularly this last year, and others that you would never have imagined. Who knows what’s to come next? So you get your team working with the Gaming Kit and generating new conversation starters. ‘What should we do when ..’ ..’.. and then, because [...]

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Action for Learning Outcomes!

Published: 25th November, 2020
Following on from our recent ‘Learning is a Verb!’ session we demonstrated, here with a group of participants live and unscripted, how to make sense of the latest learning in the room before you leave. Like with a holiday snap, if you remember them?!, by being a part of the conversation about your own development [...]

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Think First or Do First?

Published: 21st October, 2020
From his Shifting Paradigm series Kevin Watson of My Own Coach the question: Does our mindset affect our actions? or Do our acts change our mindset? We didn't just talk about it we got on with a collaborative exercise using our BIG PICTURE® Digital Kit. This helped us work through an exercise where one business [...]

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Learning is a Verb!

Published: 13th October, 2020
If we're helping people to acquire learning, or knowledge and skills, try creating an immersive experience. With a piece of paper in front of you with the same pattern as what's on screen, you can get sucked into those different parts of the Board, and capture your thinking on there. Rather then lifting one's head [...]

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#Re-Engage your Team – *LIVE* Speedtest your Collaboration Velocity (Cv)

Published: 6th October, 2020
How is it we talk so much about collaboration so much yet we don't really ever pin down what it means? If we could then what would that mean for the way we go about our work together. Imagine we had formed a view that was 'good enough' to hang our hats on and seek [...]

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Flipping Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Published: 31st August, 2020

  With so much changing in colleagues world of work how can we possibly know what we can do to enhance their learning without creating a dialogue with them. You might say you don’t have the time. Well what if you use framework within which you can respond to their challenges and at the same […]

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Resolving Conflict by Engaging

Published: 15th July, 2020

If you’re looking for a balanced approach to resolving conflict by engaging here’s our way to stay personal whilst working closely to the context of the business setting. This is a fine balancing act requiring best practice approaches on either side of the same coin. In the current working environment organisations are likely to see […]

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Switching on the Training Room

Published: 22nd March, 2020

Engaging your Learners Of course there a whole range of things you can do to make an impact in the room when you start your training. Any kind of novelty or difference attract the interest of your learner whether it be visual, a new prop, a new sound, the ringing of your bell, or  change […]

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