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Truly Transformational is a lighthouse in the foggy waters of organisational change! This paper delves into the very essence of transformation, going beyond mere superficial adjustments to explore deep-rooted shifts in culture, practices, and values.

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Key Highlights:

  1. Definition: Truly Transformational is about fundamentally altering an organisation's culture, practices, values, and behaviours to better align with its goals and objectives. It's not just about implementing new processes or technologies; it's a holistic approach. (Found on Page 5);
  2. Characteristics: The paper outlines characteristics of Truly Transformational changes, such as a radical shift in perspective, lasting impact, positive change, and holistic change that affects multiple areas. (Found on Page 4)
  3. Wicked Challenges: The paper connects the concept of Truly Transformational to addressing "Wicked Challenges," which are complex issues that arise from dynamic complexity. The aim is to turn these challenges into "Wicked Outcomes." (Found on Page 2);
  4. Importance: When done well, Truly Transformational changes can lead to significant improvements in organisational performance, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. (Found on Page 2);
  5. Myths: The paper also addresses prevalent myths associated with transformation programmes, offering a fresh perspective to burst some of these myths. (Found on Page 5).

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So, how does this paper resonate with your own approach to tackling Wicked Challenges? Do you see synergies between the Truly Transformational framework and your Six ITs solutions framework?

Download the Truly Transformational White paper

Downloading this gem is like unlocking a treasure chest of wisdom for anyone navigating the choppy waters of organisational change. It's not just a paper; it's a compass, a toolkit, and a mentor rolled into one. Whether you're a C-suite executive, a change manager, or even an employee, this paper offers actionable insights that can be your North Star in the journey towards transformation!