‘Anywhere Organisation’ Ready?

Published: 14th June, 2021
The term may not be that familiar to you, ‘Anywhere Organisation’ however the indications are of a direction of travel towards your people working from anywhere and similarly your customers buying from a range of geographical locations. Whether you choose it be this way a lot of the developments in recent years suggest we think [...]

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Engaging the Automotive Industry

Published: 3rd May, 2021
An already large and growing industry has many changes afoot. This is a demonstration of how we can use the BIG PICTURE® Board to rally around a conversation in this case plotting the transition towards the 2030 target. We were ready with our Challenge Symbols for this one! An example being the need to invest [...]

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Strategising Cyber Security

Published: 19th March, 2021
This is a great topic for a BIG PICTURE® conversation as a term that is for some beyond full comprehension and therefore difficult to understand the impacts on the organisation. We break this down in a disarming and accessable way as we did in this simulation of a conversation you could be having in your [...]

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Practicing Change Resilience

Published: 22nd February, 2021
We demonstrated an approach that increases the resilience of your Change efforts. This approach marries thorough analysis with the diversity of ideas that comes from wide participation in the analysis. This is an innovation in thinking, putting the colleague at the centre and so increasing the depth and breadth of your thought. The thorough technique [...]

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Engaging through Gaming

Published: 8th February, 2021
Missing serendipity? The events that happen in a business you can’t predict, particularly this last year, and others that you would never have imagined. Who knows what’s to come next? So you get your team working with the Gaming Kit and generating new conversation starters. ‘What should we do when ..’ ..’.. and then, because [...]

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Engaging Strategy to rescue an industry

Published: 12th December, 2020
Screenshot of the board The need to Engage Strategy is more urgent now than ever. And, getting your people on board is arguably more critical than at any time in the past decade or so (last major crisis 2008). So says Bryce Biggs, Strategy Lead @YourBigPic. While these statements might appear self-evident there are indications that many organisations adopted [...]

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Purpose, Perspective & Proper Prep

Published: 9th December, 2020

The most recent BIG PICTURE® webinar was a Strategy session led by Bryce Biggs and featuring Michael Tingsager as the industry expert. I attended as a participant and assumed a role as Customer Care expert, wearing De Bono’s White Hat to shape my contribution. The industry in the spotlight was the hospitality sector, an industry […]

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10X your Strategy Starting with How

Published: 3rd November, 2020
In life, we need to seize the moment. Asking why (with a bow to Simon Sinek) may address our underlying value driver(s). However, in the present moment we must do what we can, with what we have, with who we are with. We cannot be like the mythical traveller who has lost track of their [...]

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Do Strategy and Chess Fit Snugly Like Horse and Carriage?

Published: 28th September, 2020
Chess boards illustrating connection with strategy

“Steinitz was the first player to understand that little moves can be significant, that long-term, well-nurtured thinking is required to reach the goal.”

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“Ok Team, Let’s Form this New Strategy!”

Published: 22nd September, 2020

What is the main take-away from this Strategy session? I think it’s around the complex – and sometimes unpredictable – way a successful Strategy is formed. How we engage the team. An example we saw here was that what appeared to be one thing (Tech) was actually much more about another (Team vulnerability and the […]

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