A Story-telling Performance Review

Published: 15th September, 2020

From the moment the email arrives a typical Performance Review can be more compliance than collaboration, more ‘let’s get it done’ than ‘what do you really think? ‘.. and need from us (to be the best version of yourself)?’ Here we explore a story telling Performance Review where we provide to you and your colleagues […]

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Take Responsibility for your Performance

Published: 29th June, 2020

More often than not a colleague would say a big yes if they were asked ‘would you Take Responsibility for your Performance?’. Why then is it more often than not a missed opportunity for most organisations? Rather than dumb the process down to a compliance exercise of ticking boxes, deploy the right tool and approach, […]

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Engaging Performance Reviews

Published: 31st May, 2020

Here are our highlights from our ‘Turning the Tables at Performance Reviews’ webinar showing how to deliver an incredibly engaging Perfomance Review. That means a two-way dialogue that is very much about feeling, emotion and experience. In doing that in a way that scales you create both an employee-first process. As a bonus gather a […]

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Connecting People Development with the Business

Published: 23rd February, 2020

Many Moving Parts This is a area of difficulty that I see a lot of organisations wrestling with. On one hand the your people who are the driving force of your organisation. The heart pumping blood around the demanding organs of the business. We say that people buy from people, that business is all about […]

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Growing Your Talent

Published: 21st October, 2019

Mobilising Talent Inside-out When we come up with the themes for the webinars we can’t be sure exactly what the agenda and content will be when the time comes. Whilst preparing for our ‘Growing your Talent’ webinar the references appeared thick and fast and that says to me this is a hot topic to apply […]

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Recognising Jobs Well Done

Published: 6th October, 2019

Defining ‘Well Done’ As a broad term it may help us to recognise different types of ‘well done’, examples being: Responding promptly to a call to action; Going over and above what might be expected of them; Being efficient with time to get the required result. In each of these cases, and the list is […]

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